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Can I order products directly from HEC?

We don’t have a factory outlet here at HEC, we supply exclusively to the trade.

You can find our products in stationery stores, specialist retailers, department stores.

How can I use watercolor pencils from HEC?

When you have finished your drawing, you can just go over parts of it with a wet brush and the color will instantly dissolve, creating a watercolor effect and some amazing results.

What are the benefits of using acid-free Glues?

If an acidic product comes into contact with paper, photos, textiles or other similar items, the acid can migrate, causing permanent damage and decay. This is why it is so very important to use good quality Acid-Free and archival materials for the preservation of your treasured memories.

Why is HEC creating a standard of quality?

Here are some of the reasons why creating a standard of quality with HEC products to keeping customers:

  • Competition.
  • Customer Expectations
  • Business Reputation
  • Customer Loyalty

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